Worship is an essential part of our church experience. We are blessed to have so many gifted worship musicians and singers in our fellowship. We believe that expression of genuine praise to the Lord is a crucial part of our experience with Him. 

Women’s Ministry

We are excited to have so many extraordinary women in our fellowship. They meet often for Bible Study, prayer and encouraging times of fellowship. We will soon establish regular events for Women to minister together and to each other. 

Men’s Ministry

The men of North Shore Fellowship are committed to The Lord, their families and each other. We meet regularly for times of true fellowship and encouragement, where men can grow closer to God and closer together.


Gathering together for prayer, teaching and breaking bread is in the DNA of the early church and in our’s as well. We will be scheduling fellowship times regularly where we can grow in relationship one with another. 


We are blessed to have so many children in our fellowship. They are a constant reminder of how we are to enter the kingdom. We are excited to do all we can to allow them to grow in an environment of love, while hearing and learning the Word of God.


Reaching out to those around us both with the Word of God and also help with basic provisions is an essential part of living out the gospel. We are excited to get involved in our surrounding community to share the good news of Jesus and a help with practical needs as well.