Recent Sermons at North Shore Fellowship

August 2019

Hope of Joy

North Shore Fellowship honors the life of Joy Vanderhoof. Listen to the words and experiences of four people who walked closely with her. See how you can move forward in “joy” even after such a devastating loss

July 2019

Gentiles for Jesus

Pastor Raphael teaches about Peter’s vision on a rooftop in Joppa that was a sign for Gentiles to now come to faith in the Jewish Messiah. Acts 9 & 10

Saul – Extreme Makeover

Pastor Raphael shows Talks about the amazing transformation of Saul of Tarsus into Paul the Apostle as well as the courage of Ananais in Acts 9. He gives us practical steps toward seeing people transformed like that in our own lives.

Advancing through Adversity

Pastor Raphael shows us the life and death of Stephen in Acts 7, and how the early church was scattered as a result of persecution. It clearly resulted in the spread of the Gospel to other places. This message shows us how suffering and hardships can actualy be to our advantage and lead to the advancement of the Kingdom in our lives and beyond.

Chosen To Serve

Pastor Raphael takes us into Acts 6 when the early church came up with a plan to serve both the spiritual and practical needs of the body. He challenges us to find the joy of serving in the church today with the gifts God has given us

June 2019

No Other Name – Jesus

Why is the name of Jesus so important? Pastor Raphael teaches about the power and importance of His name.

Do The Best You Can With What You Have And Who You Have (DTBYCWWYHAWYH)

Pastor Raphael teaches about how God can do incredible things through us, if we are will to “Do the best we can with what we have, and who we have…”

Father’s Day – God as Father, Being a Father & Honoring Fathers

Pastor Raphael teaches about God as our Father, What it means to be a father and how we can honor our own fathers and break generational curses.

One Accord – The key to Pentecost

Pastor Raphael Giglio explains what it means to be in “One Accord”, the posture of the disciples as they waited in the days leading up to Pentecost.

One Problem, One Purpose

Pastor Raphael Giglio simplifies the gospel and explains that there is One Purpose for the World, and One Problem in the world.

May 2019

Ascension and Pentecost – Why they are important to us today

Pastor Raphael speaks to us about the Ascension in Acts 1 and Pentecost in Acts 2 and how it is so important in our lives today.

What’s In Your Hand – John Soper

John Soper speaks to us from Exodus Chapter 4 – The Lord asks Moses “What’s in your hand?” God asks us he same question. Are you ready to use what He’s given you?

ACTS IN ACTION – First Four Things

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaks about The Book of Acts and the four things that the apostles did as a result of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2.

Three Amazing Moms of the Bible and Jesus’ maternal love for us

Pastor Raphael Giglio tells what we can learn from a Mom, a Mother-in-law and a Grandmother in the Bible. He also shows us the mother’s love that Jesus has for us.

Motherhood Redeemed by Grace

Our Children’s Ministry Leader at North Shore Peninsula Rebecca Ferranti talks about the struggles and honor of “just being a Mom”.

You Will Receive Power – The Holy Spirit puts us in 4-wheel drive

Pastor Raphael Giglio explains Jesus’ promise to empower us by the Holy Spirit.

April 2019

What we’ve learned from the Cross and Resurrection

Pastor Raphael Giglio looks at the thief on the cross, and discovers what it’s like tio be saved by the blood.

Living Hope

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaks on “Living Hope” on Resurrection Sunday.

The Last 24 Hours of Jesus – Leadings to the Cross

Pastor Raphael Giglio continues the series “Road to the Resurrection” by looking at Jesus’ final 24 hours leading to the cross. From Passover to the torn curtain.

Dr. Mitch Glaser – The Last Week of Jesus’ Life

Dr. Mitch Glaser continues the series “Road to the Resurrection” by looking at Jesus’ final week leading up to the cross from a Jewish pespective.

Bill Higgins Testimony – When a Charmed Life Crumbles – Jesus is the Only Answer

Bill Higgins is the President of a major company, a former Green Beret, and a multiple Iron-Man competitor. He is also a leader at North Shore Fellowship and is heard here giving a compelling testimony at our North Shore 9AM Sunday service about how his life went from charmed to crushed, then renewed in a beautiful way by the powerful love of Jesus.

March 2019

Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem

A look at three important events in Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem.
The Greatest Commandment
Lamenting over Jerusalem
Clearing the temple

Jesus, The Donkey and You

Pastor Raphael Giglio continues the series “Road to the Resurrection” by looking at Jesus’ triumphal entry, and the importance for us, of lifting Him up.

Jesus in Bethany – Giving Him our all

Pastor Raphael Giglio continues the series “Road to the Resurrection” by looking at Jesus in Bethany. His conversations with close friends, a farewell dinner in a home and being anointed with oil for his final moments before the cross.

Seek and Save the Lost

Pastor Raphael speaks on Zaccheus in Jericho from Luke 19  in the series “Road to the Resurrection”.

How To Get Eternal Life

Pastor Raphael Giglio continues the series “Road to the Resurrection” by looking at what Jesus said to the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19.