August 2022

“Directed not Distressed”

“Directed not Distressed” (Acts 11) by Pastor Bill Asay Give to CMA at

May 2022

“Great Commission Day 2022”

“Great Commission Day 2022” (Assorted Scriptures) by Pastor Bill Asay

December 2021

Discovering Missions

Discovering Missions (Assorted Scriptures) by Pastor Bill Asay

September 2021

Saul’s Jealousy

Saul’s Jealousy (1st Samuel 18) by Pastor Bill Asay

July 2021

One King

One King (1st Samuel 12) by Pastor Bill Asay

June 2021

1st Samuel 6

1st Samuel 6 by Pastor Bill Asay

March 2021

Make Radiant

Make Radiant – Ephesians 5:22-6:9. Pastor Bill Asay

January 2021

Saved by Grace

Saved by Grace. Ephesians 2:8-10. Pastor Bill Asay.

August 2020

Jesus Heals

Pastor Bill Asay teaches about Jesus as our healer.

June 2020

Kingdom Fathers

Connections Pastor, Bill Asay gives a Father’s Day message and testimony called “Kingdom Fathers”.