September 2021

The Three Fall Feasts of the Lord

The Three Fall Feasts of the Lord (Assorted Scriptures) by Pastor Raphael Giglio

April 2021


IN CHRIST (Assorted Scriptures) Pastor Raphael Giglio

Emmaus Road – Unbelieving to Believing  

Emmaus Road – Unbelieving to Believing (Luke 24:13-32) Pastor Raphael Giglio

Easter – The Upper Room to the Empty Tomb

Easter – The Upper Room to the Empty Tomb (Assorted Scriptures) Pastor Raphael Giglio

Good Friday – The Crucifixion of Jesus  

Good Friday – The Crucifixion of Jesus Mark 15:9-47. Pastor Raphael Giglio

December 2020


The Twelve Days of Christmas and Beyond. Assorted Scriptures. Pastor Raphael Giglio.

Treasure and Ponder

Treasure and Ponder. Christmas Eve Message. Luke 2:1-19. Pastor Raphael Giglio.

The Ten Characters of Christmas

The Ten Characters of Christmas. Assorted Scriptures. Pastor Raphael Giglio

Light of the World

Light of the World. Assorted Scriptures. Pastor Raphael Giglio

The World Before Christmas

The World Before Christmas – Luke 1 – Pastor Raphael Giglio

September 2020

Why Yom Kippur?

A study of why we observe and celebrate Biblical Feasts like Yom Kippur.

June 2020

Kingdom Fathers

Connections Pastor, Bill Asay gives a Father’s Day message and testimony called “Kingdom Fathers”.

May 2020

Pentecost – What it means for you today

Pastor Raphael teaches about Pentecost (Shavuot) and what it means for each of us.

Moms of Great Faith

Sandy Chang, Aly Giglio and Pastor Raphael Giglio speak to us about the importance of a mother’s faith, honor and love.

Plans to Prosper in Captivity

Pastor Raphael teaches about the three dangers to watch out for, and how the prophesy of Jeremiah tells us to bloom where we’re planted.

April 2020

Living Hope – The Resurrection

Pastor Raphael speaks about the importance of the truth regarding the Resurrection and the Living Hope that we have through Jesus being raised from the dead.

March 2020

Creativity in Captivity

When God gives you a season with extra time on your hands, what will you do with it? How will you spend it? Learn how each moment has a purpose and what we must do to discover that purpose.

Hope, the Opposite of Fear

Pastor Raphael teaches how important hope is, espoecially when facing a crises or major challenge. The Bible shows us how to find, keep and live in hope in troubled times.

December 2019

Jesus & Hanukkah

Learn about the Feast of Lights and Dedication. See what it meant to Jesus and what it means to us as well. Pastor Raphael Giglio teaches at North Shore Fellowship – Monmouth County, NJ

Seven Steps Toward Christmas

Pastor Raphael leads us through seven significant points in history in an amazing journey leading up to the birth of the Messiah.

Twelve Days of Christmas – 12 Important Events of Jesus’ birth

Pastor Raphael shares the twelve most important days, (or significant events) in scripture of the Christmas story. The last one is sure to surprise you.

November 2019

Giving of Thanks

Pastor Raphael teaches about the importance of giving thanks, followed by compelleing testimonies by; Dave & Steph DiPietro, Tony & Sandy Chang, Charlie & Sue Avery, and Len & Laura Guddemi of North Shore Fellowship.

October 2019

Love God, Love Others

Bill Higgins talks about the importance of loving others as we live out our love for God.

Healing – What It Is and What It Isn’t

Pastor Raphael discusses the topic of Healing and gives a Biblical perspective on what it means to us in this day.

August 2019

Hope of Joy

North Shore Fellowship honors the life of Joy Vanderhoof. Listen to the words and experiences of four people who walked closely with her. See how you can move forward in “joy” even after such a devastating loss

June 2019

Father’s Day – God as Father, Being a Father & Honoring Fathers

Pastor Raphael teaches about God as our Father, What it means to be a father and how we can honor our own fathers and break generational curses.