August 2019

Hope of Joy

North Shore Fellowship honors the life of Joy Vanderhoof. Listen to the words and experiences of four people who walked closely with her. See how you can move forward in “joy” even after such a devastating loss

June 2019

Father’s Day – God as Father, Being a Father & Honoring Fathers

Pastor Raphael teaches about God as our Father, What it means to be a father and how we can honor our own fathers and break generational curses.

One Problem, One Purpose

Pastor Raphael Giglio simplifies the gospel and explains that there is One Purpose for the World, and One Problem in the world.

May 2019

Ascension and Pentecost – Why they are important to us today

Pastor Raphael speaks to us about the Ascension in Acts 1 and Pentecost in Acts 2 and how it is so important in our lives today.

What’s In Your Hand – John Soper

John Soper speaks to us from Exodus Chapter 4 – The Lord asks Moses “What’s in your hand?” God asks us he same question. Are you ready to use what He’s given you?

Three Amazing Moms of the Bible and Jesus’ maternal love for us

Pastor Raphael Giglio tells what we can learn from a Mom, a Mother-in-law and a Grandmother in the Bible. He also shows us the mother’s love that Jesus has for us.

Motherhood Redeemed by Grace

Our Children’s Ministry Leader at North Shore Peninsula Rebecca Ferranti talks about the struggles and honor of “just being a Mom”.

You Will Receive Power – The Holy Spirit puts us in 4-wheel drive

Pastor Raphael Giglio explains Jesus’ promise to empower us by the Holy Spirit.      

April 2019

What we’ve learned from the Cross and Resurrection

Pastor Raphael Giglio looks at the thief on the cross, and discovers what it’s like tio be saved by the blood.

Bill Higgins Testimony – When a Charmed Life Crumbles – Jesus is the Only Answer

Bill Higgins is the President of a major company, a former Green Beret, and a multiple Iron-Man competitor. He is also a leader at North Shore Fellowship and is heard here giving a compelling testimony at our North Shore 9AM Sunday service about how his life went from charmed to crushed, then renewed in a […]

December 2018

Understanding your Gifts for His Time and Purpose

Pastor Raphael Giglio teaches on discovering your spiritual gift and how to seek vision to use it in God’s time and Purposes.  

12 Days of Christmas – 12 Significant events surrounding Jesus’ birth

Jesus and Chanukah

Jesus, the Light of the world, reveals something very unique during His final Chanukah. Listen to what he tells them.

November 2018

Defender Sermon: “Be Still” “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaking about the Lord fighting our battles, and how to be still and know that He is God.

Webs Of Influence

Dr.John Soper shares about how the gospel is spread most effectively through relationships, in what he calls “webs of influence”.

What Do You Believe About Jesus?

Pastor Raphael Giglio of North Shore Fellowship teaches about Jesus, and clarifies what we believe about Him.

September 2018

The Fall Feasts; Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Sukkot for Christians

Pastor Raphael Giglio – North Shore Fellowship speaks on The Fall Feasts of the Lord; Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. He explains the blessings we recieve through observing them as followers of Jesus.


Pastor Raphael Giglio – North Shore Fellowship speaks on Reconciling people into a Relationship with God, a term he calls “RECONCILIATIONSHIP”.

Guilt or Grace, Which is it?

Pastor Raphael Giglio of North Shore Fellowship speaking about what it means to understand grace versus guilt, from Romans 7 & 8.

August 2018

Believe that He’s the Messiah, and Be Baptized

Pastor Raphael Giglio of North Shore Fellowhip speaking about what it means to believe that Jesus is truly the Messiah, and what you must believe to be baptized.

Law of Life? or Law of Death?

Pastor Raphael Giglio of North Shore Fellowship speaking about Romans 8:2 “The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, has set us free from the law of sin and death”.

Walk Wisely, Redeeming the Time

Pastor Raphael Giglio at North Shore Fellowship – Rumon Peninsula Campus. Speaking from Ephesians 5 – “walk wisely, redeeming the time”.

Hope: How to get it, Keep it and Share it

Pastor Raphael Giglio of North Shore Fellowship – message: “HOPE”. How to get it, how to keep it, and how to keep from getting heartsick.

July 2018

Watch What You Say

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaking at North Shore Fellowship on Ephesians 4: “How can we keep from saying the wrong things?”

Grace So Free

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaking at North Shore Fellowship on: “Grace – The Undeserved, Unearned, Free Gift of God”

Don’t Think Like They Do

Pastor Raphael Giglio speaking at North Shore Fellowship on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians – “Don’t think like they do”.