August 2023

“Everyone Needs Compassion”

God’s nature is to show love and compassion toward sinners. In this chapter, we see that everyone, both violent cities and angry prophets, need God’s compassion just as much.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Everyone Needs Compassion” (Jonah 4) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“The Consistent Compassion of God”

Can we sin so much that God won’t forgive us anymore? For Jonah and the Ninevites, God always respond to repentance with love and forgiveness.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “The Consistent Compassion of God” (Jonah 3) by Pastor Brian Higgins.

“Arise and Go”

When God calls us to do something, are we ready to follow no matter the cost? As we begin our study through the book of Jonah, that question comes into focus.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Arise and Go” (Jonah 1) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.