April 2020

Hosanna – Blessed is Who?

Pastor Raphael teaches about Palm Sunday and the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. It’s more than meets the eye.

March 2020

Word in Your Heart – Seed in the Soil

Continuing in the “Eyes on Jesus” series, Pastor Raphael teaches from Mark 4, “The Parable of the Sower”. We see how the condition of our hearts can determine the fruitfulness of God’s word coming alive in us.

JESUS – His Apostles, His Family

We learn about each of the twelve apostles and see how Jesus prioritized God’s will over even His natural family. He shows us how we must do the same in order to show them the hope within us.

Sabbath Mercy

Pastor Raphael teaches on how Jesus showed us God’s mercy in the Sabbath, even in the face of criticism and opposition from the Pharisees. Mark 2 & 3 – Series: Eyes on Jesus.

February 2020

Party with Sinners

In our series Eyes on Jesus, Pastor Raphael continues our journey through Mark. This week we see how Jesus called Matthew (Levi) to follow him by going with him to a Dinner party for sinners.

Eyes on Jesus – Faith of Friends

Jesus healed a leper, and a paralytic on a pallet. He shows us how He is moved by His own compassion and the great Faith of Friends.

Eyes on Jesus – Power in a Peaceful Place

Jesus moved in power in early Mark; teaching, healing, and casting out demons. He also retreated to quiet places to pray, which was important to Him so it’s important for us.

January 2020

Eyes on Jesus – Resisting Temptation

Pastor Raphael teaches from Mark 1 in the series “Eyes on Jesus”. We see how Jesus’ baptism and temptation were both demonstrations of obedience to God to teach us how to resist temptation like He did.