June 2024

“What Is Your Lion’s Den?”

God’s faithfulness to others should encourage us to trust in God more. As we study the passage of Daniel being thrown in the lion’s den, it’s not just to celebrate what God did then. These moments of God’s faithfulness in the past should motivate us to trust God in the present, even when things look […]

“The Writing On The Wall”

Not every message is easy to share. In Daniel 5, a difficult message needed to be delivered. But with God’s empowering, we become able to share His message with boldness and authority.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “The Writing On The Wall” (Daniel 5)  by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“Humbled and Honored”

What would our world look like if every political leader proclaimed humility before God and acknowledged His power? In Daniel 4, one of the most unlikely leaders does exactly that. Today’s teaching highlights the power God has to raise up and humble those He chooses.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Humbled and Honored” (Daniel […]

May 2024

“With Us”

God never promises that He will prevent difficult circumstances in our lives. Instead, He promises to be with us through them. In Daniel 3, God walks with His people in a miraculous way that can motivate our faithfulness today.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “With Us” (Daniel 3)  by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“Deciphering Dreams”

King Nebuchadnezzar issued an impossible challenge. But where every other effort fell short, the gifting of God was able to meet the need. Today, God offers us the wisdom we need to face the difficulties of life.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Deciphering Dreams” (Daniel 2)  by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“Standing Strong in a Wicked World

What do we do when following Jesus means walking alone? Where will we find strength to stand up for God when we are surrounded by wicked people? The book of Daniel helps answer those questions and much more.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Standing Strong in a Wicked World”  by Pastor Raphael Giglio.