December 2023

“Cognitive Dissonance”

Why do we often fail to do what we know we should, even when we really want to? It’s because our flesh within us desires to satiate the cravings of our body and appease the weakness of our soul. But by God’s grace, there’s a better way.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Cognitive Dissonance” […]

November 2023

“Death and Life”

God’s grace is more than just unmerited favor; it is the transforming power and presence of God’s Spirit. This is why grace does something to us.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Death and Life” (Romans 6) by Pastor Matthew Friedman.

“Sin Abounds”

While the law helps us see our sin clearly, that clarity sharpens our view of God’s grace. Only by knowing our sinfulness can we truly appreciate God’s grace.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Sin Abounds” (Romans 5:12-21) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.


When we put our hope in people, things or anything other than God’s promises, we are destined for disappointment. We need to put our Hope in the Lord.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Hope” (Romans 5:1-11) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“Abraham: Father of Faith”

Abraham’s faith in God led him to act out of belief. But the Bible makes it clear that good actions did not justify Abraham; he is our prime example of justification by faith.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Abraham: Father of Faith” (Romans 4) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

October 2023

“Condemnation or Consequences”

While we may be forgiven of our sin and saved from eternal death and the wrath of God, we may still reap the consequences of our sin. How can we live so that we reap the good reward God has for us?   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Condemnation or Consequences” (Romans 3:9-3:31) by Pastor […]

“Israel and the Jewish People”

Jesus came as Messiah to fulfill the law and make a once-and-for-all atonement for all people. But this does not meant that the Jewish people are no longer chosen by God. In fact, they show that God’s covenant, oath, and promise are still very much intact.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Israel and the […]

“What We Deserve”

To appreciate the grace of God, we need to be aware of how badly we need that grace. In Romans 2, Paul makes it clear that every one of us is deserving of God’s wrath.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “What We Deserve” (Romans 2:1-16) by Pastor Brian Higgins.

“The Wrath of God”

Only a loving parent chooses to discipline and protect they children they care for. In the same way, God’s wrath is actually a strong indicator of his faithful love.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “The Wrath of God” (Romans 1:18-32) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.

“To Everyone Who Believes”

The good news of Jesus is for everyone who believes, but it takes a commitment of courage, dedication, and boldness to spread the gospel. We cannot be ashamed of the gospel despite the rejection we may receive for preaching it.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “To Everyone Who Believes” (Romans 1:1-17) by Pastor Raphael […]

September 2023

“Without Excuse”

The book of Romans is the clearest and most comprehensive presentation of Christian doctrine in the New Testament. As we study this incredible book, we’ll see how God’s creation and Holy Spirit have truly left us without excuse.   Worship, Prayer and Teaching on “Without Excuse” (Assorted Scriptures) by Pastor Raphael Giglio.