June 2020

What Matters Most

Lost people matter to God and He wants the saved. (How to combat racism, and reach the world with the gospel)

October 2019

Believe that He’s the Messiah AND the Son of God

1st John 5:1&5 tells us that we must believe two things about Jesus. They are the same two things that Peter came up with when asked “who do people say I am?” What do YOU belive about Jesus? www.northshorenj.org

A New Commandment: Love Other Christians

Jesus said “they will know you are my disciples by your love for one another. This is why 1st John reminds us how important it is to “Love Other Christians”.

September 2019

Which of us are Children of God?

God makes some of us His children. He gives us the spirit of adoption. Are you chosen, not forsaken? Are you a child of God? Find out in this message by Pastor Raphael.

The Three Sins and how to avoid them

“Finding God’s Love in a Troubled World” continues as we look at 1st John 2 where we see that all that is in the world are; the Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes and Pride. Pastor Raphael teaches about how we can avoid these things today.

Walk in the Light

“Finding God’s Love in a Troubled World” continues as we look at 1st John 1 and what it means to “Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light”, instead of living in guilt and shame.

Finding God’s Love in a Troubled World

Do you know how much God loves you? If you do, you are able to thrive even in a dark toubled world. If you don’t, you are at a terrible disadvantage. Find out why.