December 2019

Unity or Diversity

Pastor Raphael speaks from Galatians 3 about Paul’s teaching “you are all one in Christ Jesus”. How does that relate to race, diversity and multi-culturalism?

Foolish Galatians – JBF

Pastor Raphael continues the series Uncomplicated Grace, and tells us how Paul taught the “Foolish Galatians” to understand JBF (Justification By Faith).

November 2019

Grace or Good Deeds

Uncomplicated Grace – (A study of Galatians) Neither “keeping the Law, or “doing good deeds” is enough to earn your salvation. It’s only by Grace that we are saved.

Called By Grace

We are saved by grace. We are also called by grace to freely use the gifts that we’ve been given freely.

Uncomplicated Grace

The first in a series of the study of the book of Galatians and what happens when we lose sight of God’s grace in our lives.